Separation & Divorce

Parenting Agreement

The most common use of mediation is in separation, divorce and post-divorce matters. It is necessary for couples in these situations to make decisions on many factors, including parenting, child support, living arrangements, spousal support, the children's education, and distribution of all property.

A separating or divorcing couple will meet together with a mediator in a neutral, confidential setting. Our trained mediators, guide and help couples identify issues, gather information and explore potential

Our mediators will talk about how and when to tell the children about the separation or divorce. Additionally in some situations, there may be a conversation about how both parents want to handle introducing future significant others to the children.

The process is designed to adjust communications so that future interactions, particularly those that involve children, can be handled by the parents. One goal of the mediation process is not merely to have the children survive their parents divorce, but to allow the children to thrive as they go into the future.

The mediation process also helps partners determine a fair resolution to the economic issues surrounding the separation or divorce. The parties are aided in coming to an agreement that both think is fair and that is workable, and that will help them move forward into the future. All issues concerning property distribution and income and expense allocation are resolved.

Once all issues have been decided upon, a memorandum of understanding memorializing the agreement is prepared by the mediator.

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