Business Dissolutions & Contractor Disputes

Civil Mediation

Now in its third decade, mediation has grown in depth and diversity. Mediation is used in areas of labor-management relations, community disputes, contract disputes and partnership dissolutions. Mediation has a positive impact on problem solving.

Mediation is helpful in reaching agreements which often develop in cases surrounding business and transactional matters. Ninety-seven percent of all matters which start through our legal system are resolved through negotiated settlement. The mediation process is designed to facilitate an early settlement and significantly reduce the cost to everyone.

In many business dissolutions, partners have long standing relationships and many economic and non-economic ties. The mediation process helps partners move forward without engaging in a bitter adversarial process. It helps partners develop plans that are fair to all parties.

When a dispute has gone sour, a mediator can set you on the right course. The mediation process addresses the needs and interests of all of the parties involved. The main objective in mediation is to reach an agreement that is mutually acceptable by all parties involved. When all issues have been resolved, a written agreement is prepared.

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